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Writings on the Wall Vol 2

I have published volume 2 on Smashwords


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Excerpt from: A Vampire’s Love (working title)

It was a night like any other, there was a mist hanging in the air, a tall slender figure emerged from it. His silver hair flowing in the gentle breeze, and his eyes were a mystery to Samantha. He ran his long fingers through her lusty red hair., he looked into her dark blue eyes and she could see the ring of violet in his eyes. There was a sudden whirlwind, and before Christian’s eyes Samantha disappeared. He didn’t know where the whirlwind came from, or where it had gone but he was sure of one thing, it most certainly, was unnatural.

It was clear to Christian that he had to find who had taken her, and where. He knew who he had to see, it was a long shot that he was still in the area, but he’s the best tracker this side of the Vai Forest. He traveled to Ebon to see his old friend, Lunalr Nighthawk. He went to Lunair’s favorite hunting spots, with little luck. in the forest of Lothren he found Lunair’s cousin, Firebrand, who told him that he could find Lunair somewhere around Hearthgrove. So Christian left Lothren and made he way west to Hearthgrove the local Elven center for trade. He searched the Elven city and found a few people that gave him help and he found Lunair within eight hours of entering the city. Read more of this post

Soldier’s Letters

Dear Daddy,

Billy and I miss you lots. Billy took a girl a girl to the tree-house again. He said I couldn’t play with them. Daddy I really wish you were here I miss your bedtime stories, Billy doesn’t tell them like you do. Mommy says you might not come home. I hope you don’t die. Daddy, come home soon.

Love Brianna

Dear Babygirl,

I miss you so much. I miss your hugs and kisses. I will be home soon, remember I’m always in your heart and I promise I will be home soon. Don’t worry about Billy he loves you, he is just growing up. Take care of mommy for me.

Love always, Daddy

Dear Dad,

I can’t believe you’re overseas right now, THAT IS SO COOL! When I grow-up I hope I can be like you too. I miss you dad and hope you will be home soon, Brianna’s always bugging me. I got a girlfriend since you left, she’s a good Christian girl and she loves the tree-house. Her name is Becky, she’s the prettiest girl in my class. I want you to meet her, you would like her.

Your son, Billy

Dear Billy Boy,

It is quite amazing going places, but I want you to remember one thing, it’s very dangerous here too. There’s always a chance that I could get hurt, be nice to your sister and don’t forget to play with her too. I’m sure that when I get back I will meet Becky, in the meantime be a good boy and treat her with respect. Do as your mom says and keep both our girls safe.

Always stay strong, Your loving father

Suicide Attempt Prevented

I was tired of all the bullshit.Luke hit me again yesterday because I was late meeting him.He had an evil glare in his eyes just like he always does when he’s angry.He said I was a whore and I was probably late cuz i was with another guy and he said we we’re over and he never wanted to see me again.He didn’t give me a chance to explain myself.I don’t know what to do without him,it seems like he was the only one that understood me.My mom, dad, and baby sister died in a car accident ,Luke is all I had left at least I felt that way.I lived with my Aunt Lacy my mom’s sister she was always busy with work and never had time to talk with me.She didn’t know Luke hit me I tried to tell her but she said Violet we have to talk later .My Aunt left for work in a hurry.I got a call from Krista to come over so I decided to put some pills in my bag I wasn’t exactly planning to commit suicide, i just wanted to feel better.When I walked in Krista was on the phone so I went to her restroom.I was about to pop a handful of pills when Krista walked in on me . She said, “Violet what the hell do you think your doing?”I told her that Luke hit me and that he and I were over.My Aunt won’t talk to me,I don’t have any other friends,and it seems like nobody gets me.I just wanna make the pain go away, I just wanna see my family again.”Violet i understand what your going through my mom died and my dad abuses me the your the first person I told stay away from Luke he’s not worth the pain “. I put the pills away and I hugged Krista and said Thank you for understanding me and caring .

Letter to my Childhood Toy

Dear Barbie,

I hate you more than you will ever know you made me think everyone was supposed to be perfect  and skinny and have a perfect little life. You are so fake I don’t know why I even wasted my time on you.You did nothing for me but make me think I had to be just like you im glad I don’t have to look at you and your stupid boyfriend Ken anymore you make me sick.

Hoping I won’t see you again Tanya

Addiction to Coffee

You are my drug .You keep me awake endless nights even when I wanna sleep.I crave you even when I know i shouldn’t have you.I hear you calling my name saying please make me .I wanna just say no but your taking me over.

My happy place

My Happy place nothing can go wrong .I can dance to to the tune of my own drum.Ride a magical unicorn to the end of the earth.Fly with the fairies. Stand on top of the clouds and point at the stars. Do anything my little heart desires.


I used to think that love was magical, and nothing could go wrong. Boy was I wrong, everything can go wrong. You get used, lied to, abused, and treated worse than anyone could ever treat you. I wish I was right, that love was easy and beautiful, but I wasn’t, so I learned to not trust people, to hold things in, and to act like i didnt care what people thought, but when in reality all I wanted was to love, and to be loved.


Baby you make my heart pound and my heart and soul will belong to you for always you make me sane when you look into my eyes and say you love me and I have to say this baby I will love you for eternity as long as your true to me